Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Don't Click Me Results: Even More Linkbait

Okay, so I should have seen this coming. My last post, "Don't click me if you're human", generated over double my ordinary rate of traffic. My sincere thanks go out to those 22 souls who left comments so that I could discount them from the accounting.

I find it a bit hard to get the data I want at a glance from the blogger interface. I categorise my blog's traffic into the following categories:

  1. Number of visits while dormant (not really posting much)
  2. Number of visits on days I post
  3. Number of visits the day after that
  4. Number of visits during non-posting days, but not dormant

What I'd really like to get at is: how many humans do I actually provide some value to as a proportion of my visits? I'm not really an analytics exports...

Feedback comments are relatively rare. That's fine, but I do still hope that people are enjoying the posts.

The number of visits when dormant seems to be about 20-30 per day. I'm assuming that's robots. However, it's logical to assume that, like with humans, there will be more visits on posting days than on non-posting days.

My first two posts on this blog attracted something like 800 page views. Yay, great! I'm guessing that's maybe 400 actual people, and maybe 50 of those read the whole post, and maybe 35 of them really got something out of it. That's pretty good, it's a rare day that I manage to actually help 35 people in the rest of my life.

My "don't click me" post got 2100 page views. *facepalm*.

Now, presumably all (2100 - 800) of those are actual people.

I don't really know what it all means, except that the observer effect is very real, and linkbait works like a charm.

So, stay tuned for my next amazing post: "I'm going to waste all your time and you'll hate me for it".

Until next time, happy coding!