Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why I Just Unfollowed 60 People

This is just a brief note to explain why I just unfollowed 60 people on twitter. I follow people in the first place for the following reasons: I have a personal connection, I would like to 'network', someone is funny, or someone is unusual or interesting in some way. I basically want to hear about what is happening with all the people I have ever followed.

But I can't keep up. With anyone. Following additional people reduces the average attention I can give each person (my attention is not constant, but has a maximum). I had hit the point where I did not have the quality level of attention to make twitter value for me.

So I brutally unfollowed half of the people on my list. This isn't an act of rudeness, it is an attempt to restore the connection I have with at least some people. If have unfollowed you, and you notice, and you'd explicitly like me to continue to follow you, please do let me know. I will more than happily re-follow people who would like to maintain the connection.

I'll also add: if I had better ways of managing and filtering posts, I would be very happy to follow many more people once again. I still think the internet needs an awesomeness filter :)