Sunday, February 5, 2012

Resources and tips

In working on this project, I've hard to source my own resources for learning. As a software guy, my hardware knowledge is limited to whatever I can still remember from high school physics, which is 15 years ago now. Granted, I don't seem to need much more than high school physics here, but 15 years is a long time between study sessions.

I discovered that a great many electronics books are structured as follows: fluffy introduction, definition of all terms, history of physics, all of physics, now do it. Unfortunately, I can't assimilate knowledge that way. It's impossible (for me) to integrate an abstract set of definitions and history lessons, and come out with a working knowledge of building circuits. It's hard just to get through the introduction without falling asleep, frankly. So here is where I go:

Book: "Make: electronis: learning by discovery"

This video series, an intro to circuits from the absolute, total beginning; by Bucky Roberts:

This video series, specifically covering the Arduino, by Jeremy Blum:

I'm sure I'll end up assembling some more resources as I learn and need more advanced topics, but these constitute a really great start with a gentle learning curve.