Friday, November 19, 2010

Daft ideas on social graphs

Here's my issue with Facebook security. It's not information bleed to third parties, which I agree is important, but information bleed amongst social networks that I would like to keep separate. Work/Social being the primary division I would like to maintain. It's a lot *less* important to me if some marketing firm has my information than if my workmates know I faked sick leave or my friends are showered with geek updates. I would like multiple social graphs please. And I would like to give my blessing on a post or other Facebook object to a graph at a time, not a person at a time or an application at a time. I'm happy with connecting with applications and groups using "Like" or "Join", and I'm happy with friends-of-friends seeing most of my photos/updates. Within a single graph.

I would like the following graphs: 

The supergraph. Everyone in all of my graphs. 
A professional subgraph. Workplace + geek. 
A social subgraph: Friends and family.    
  - A family sub-subpgraph    
  - Logically, I may also need a friends sub-subgraph 
  - A dark subgraph: My connections are invisible to others in the graph

Maybe I also want a public broadcast faux graph.

That way, for example, my "Farmville Lame App" could suck down my social subgraph permissive fields, but be denied information on how much I earn. Why? Because it only gets fed what I feed my social graph. 

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