Thursday, July 29, 2010

+1 for xmind... download and use it, it's awesome!

I've just downloaded this, and I've used it to create about 9 diagrams in two days. It's totally awesome. It can be used to create the following charts with no fuss at all, with nice icons if you would like to include that sort of thing:
  -- Brainstorming map
  -- Organisation chart
  -- Spreadsheet-style chart
  -- Fishbone chart

The concept map style chart really helped me to capture the major tasks, goals, responsibilities and relationships for me and my team, bringing together kinds of information that are otherwise quite difficult to relate to one another. It really helped me talk to them about how things tie together.

I've also used the other chart styles to map out processes, systems and challenges, showing my boss and various colleagues how things hang together.