Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Call for interest: should I run a python AI competition?

This is just a shoutout to see whether there would be any interest in my running a Python AI competition? There are a few Pythoneers who are into AI that I know of, and it occurred to me that one thing which could be done to serve the community would be to offer a competition.

At this stage, I'm thinking either of challenges which relate to basic AI algorithms, or perhaps building a chatbot/twitterbot. The first challenge should probably have a low barrier to entry, so perhaps I will put together a multi-stage or multi-challenge competition so that people can choose their own level of competition.

Leave a comment with (+0) if you think it would be neat, (+1) if you would take part, (-0) if you're not really in favour, or (-1) if you would sabotage the competition :)