Friday, March 13, 2009

Wheelchair tech

I was walking about my city recently, and observed a woman in a wheelchair using some form of touch-screen interface, on a screen which was integrated to the chair. Further to the mobility difficulties, she appeared to suffer from a more generalised difficulty with effective use of her limbs. I do not know what she was doing; nor what the functionality of the interface was. Here is what I think *should* have been on it. What do you think?

1.) Integrated GPS system displaying directions overlaid on a map
2.) A large-buttoned interface tied into a telephone dialing system, allowing ease-of-access to Taxi services, personal contacts and any relevant emergency services that may be required
3.) If necessary for safety, a GPS tracking device. For some individuals with a carer who is partially responsible for their wellbeing, the capacity for that carer to easily contact and locate the impaired individual could substantially increase freedom of travel
4.) Additional geographic information systems covering accessibility of local public transport; accessible footpaths and eating establishments; accessible public toilets and other facilities

Any other suggestions for this somewhat naive list?

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