Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OSDC Liveblogging: Openspatial software overview

Generally about Open Projects:
- Are there procedures to contribute code?
- i.e. how useful is the project really

Content Servers
Mapserver, ,Mapbender, WMS, WFS, WCS

Simple features for sql (SFSQL)
SQL Multi Media Extensions

PostGIS (e.g. used to capture MARS ROVER data, rocket science, important)

GML, SML, GeoRSS, etc
GeoServer is a fully features j2ee geospatial data server

UMN MapServerr, original mover & shaker, high performance

deegree (with two e's) web services is quite comprehensive

GeoNetwork is good for discovering data, is being funded by an Aus govt group


JUMP / OpenJUMP (closed development)
GRASS running since 1982
gvSig, open-source funded with 30mil euros public money
uDig, Eclipse RPC based

Thin clients
OpenLayers is best bet to plug into variety of web-based mapping tools (important)

Next year: FOSS4G 2009, Sydney, 500-700 delegates, yearly gathering of the tribes

In response to query regarding gridded data, suggested:
OSSIM: Gridded
GRASS has raster support
GAL+ODR, one of which has raster formats

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