Sunday, November 2, 2008

My project: GAE-JSON


The project is really not ready for public consumption, but I have noticed another project called gae-json-rest which is turning up on Google search. So that others can find my project by searching for it, I just needed to create a couple of links to it so that it will be available. Not, of course, that I'm being competitive -- but if I don't put some links up then there will be a lot of confused visitors to the gae-json-rest project!

If anyone feels very enthusiastic about the project, there *are* a couple of functional examples which anyone could install on their system, but they will need some guidance first. By the time OSDC08 comes around, however, I intend to have turned this around into something which is really genuinely user-friendly. I should add to the list of my goals:
* Create a hosted demo
* Put together a wizard / walkthrough
* Create some documentation

However, goals at the moment will still be those relating to functionality...