Monday, November 3, 2008

Meme: Top Five Software Possibilities

Here's a quick meme... List the top five things that (you believe) could be feasibly achieved with a software R&D investment in the order of $30 million. Please list a time frame for any particularly big ideas. They could be your top five moneymakers, top five in terms of benefit for society, or anything -- it's YOUR top five :)

1. Flawless text-to-speech rendering. Could be done in four years, will take 15 otherwise.
2. Driverless cars. Could be done in six years, will take 40 otherwise.
3. Complete automation of the tax system. Maybe six years?
4. Creation of fully anonymous, publicly available medical research datasets.
5. Create an artificial mind. Could be done in ten years, but may never be done.

What are your top five?