Friday, September 26, 2008

Code, wiki style

I've got this use case for editing code through a web interface, like a wiki. I thought I'd find out if anyone else has thought about this topic, and didn't see anything jump out at me when searching.

The situation is that maybe there's an open-source or perhaps just shared-development project in a workplace, hosted on the cloud. Rather than each person having an IDE set up for them or accessing a CVS repository, they just have a web interface.

Maybe the system requires logins to track changes, or in the first instance maybe it just allows unrestricted and un-tracked editing.

Does anyone know of such a system? Ideally, the server code would be written in Python (I'm trying to set up a Python-only technology stack for reasons of minimalism) but I would be interested in non-Python systems. I don't mind if the interface is fairly primitive to start with, but it would be neat if it did include some additional features such as syntax highlighting.

What do people think?